My Current Work: "Untying the Knot" Fall 2010 Collection

NIKKI DANCE, Fall 2010 Collection
This three-piece collection, designed for UC Berkeley's Fashion and Student Trends (FAST), embodies different reasons to fear of commitment, as each piece appropriates traditional wedding attire. The red dress is reminiscent of the playfulness of childhood. Red a symbol for life and vivacity, and the childlike thirst to experience life challenges the idea of commitment and 'settling down.' Symbolizing femininity and power, the bustier explores sexual desire and fear of committing to a single partner. The third piece questions the idea of femininity associated with being a bride. The suit and top hat allude to masculinity and dominance. Unified with a touch of burlesque, this collection plays on the fear of commitment by subverting the traditional attire of the wedding, a practice that stands for the epitome of commitment.

Photo credit: Steven Sun (http://www.flickr.com/stephensun)

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